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Roof Repair

Charleston, SC

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Roof Repair is an option that we often encourage at 5 Stars Roofing. Many Roofs do not need a full replacement yet have leaks due to missing shingles or cracked pipe boots. Normal maintenance is required to ensure the full life expectancy of your shingles.

Here are some examples of situations where we find ourselves repairing instead of replacing:

– Cracked pipe boots
– Leaking valleys
– Power vents and Fans
– Skylights
– Missing Shingles
– Flashing such as Chimney and Wall abutments
– Ridge vents
– Fascia

Our Project Managers specialize in diagnosing the source of leaks. Finding a leak is often difficult due to the many factors which may be the root of the issue. We send you trained professionals with years of experience to safely inspect and repair your roof. Your roof can be diagnosed and repaired without you ever having to step foot onto a ladder.

The easiest way to begin the repair process is scheduling a free roof inspection. We offer free inspections and estimates with no commitment. Whether you have a serious leak that is affecting the livability of the home, or are just curious about the age and condition of the roof, 5 Stars Roofing has you covered!

Call today for a free estimate and inspection.

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