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Commercial Roofing

Charleston, SC

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5 Stars Roofing has the resources and equipment to complete roofing projects for office buildings, industrial, retail/restaurant, and multi-family homes. Many commercial roofs are low-sloped. A roof that has a pitch under 2/12 is considered a low-sloped roof also known as a flat roof. Flat roofs are typically covered with a type of membrane material that helps shed the water as it trends down. The water on the roof will drain into a gutter system or a rainwater drainage system that filters directly in to the ground, keeping the walls and foundation dry.

5 stars Roofing specializes in built up and modified flat roofs, EDPM, TPO, PVC, Roof Coatings and Architectural Sheet Metal. Our experienced project managers will help you to make a decision on what system is best for your building.

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